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DogeMart is a eCommerce website where one can buy various goods. One can buy various stuff on DogeSocial, wishlist their favorite products.

Omkar Kulkarni

Omkar Kulkarni / Jun-2021

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Short Explanation

DogeMart is a fashion and clothing e-commerce website targetted towards men and women fashion. You can buy products like any other ecommerce website, add product to your cart or store them in your wishlist to buy them later. A real payment gateway powered by Stripe is also added!

Project Goals

  • Create a marketplace to sell clothes and accessories.
  • Create a payment gateway for the website.
  • Integrate product review system, product rating system.
  • Sort by price, rating, popularity.
  • Filter by colors, brand or size.
  • Add product to cart and wishlist.

Tech stack Used

DogeMart is written in Next.JS, TypeScript, Node.JS, Express and PostgreSQL stack. TypeScript ensures that the code is written in a way that is mostly bug free, high quality and easy to maintain. Almost all pages except products listing page are server side rendered. SSR ensures you get amazing SEO, Image Optimizations out of the box and much more.

Since Next.JS is a fullstack react framework, it was relatively easy to integrate Stripe Checkout Flow (SCF).

The backend is a Node.JS Express server. It uses PostgreSQL as a database with Prisma 2 as ORM. Working with a big graphql project earlier gave me a lot of experience with Pagination in general. So all routes which send data in form of array are paginated. This pagination is cursor pagination and is generally more powerful, performant than the traditional offset pagination.

This opens up a really nice possibility of using Infinite Load More pagination which I am a big fan of.

Tech Stack Used:

  • Next.JS
  • TypeScript
  • Node.JS
  • Express
  • PostgreSQL
  • Prisma 2
  • Stripe Checkout Flow

Screenshots (Click to enlarge)

My computer deskMy computer deskMy computer desk
My computer deskMy computer deskMy computer desk

Key Learnings

  • SEO matters a lot in ecommerce. You need to make sure that your product page is optimized for search engines.
  • Learnt about user authentication and model surrounding it in ecommerce context.
  • Learnt about Stripe Checkout Flow. How to accept payments, how to integrate with Stripe.
  • Improved my concepts of pagination and infinite load more pagination.
  • Improved my TypeScript skills.

Honourable mentions

  • ZOD - ZOD is a schema validator for typescript. It helps you to validate your schema, integrates nicely with react hook form.
  • React Hook Form - React Hook Form is my recommendation for doing forms in react. It embraces uncontrolled inputs and it is very easy to use.

Try it out!


You can totally use dummy credentials to test the website.


Why Railway for deployment?

I struggled a lot with using cross-domain cookie and session storage. Railway is the host for Backend and frontend of DogeMart. Same domain deployment solves this problem.